Writing and executive production by  Gustavo Steinberg 35mm, fiction, 101 minutes

“Judging by its audience, the arguments it is raising and its attractive reviews, “Chronically Unfeasible” has already proven its cultural relevance. In some of the movie sessions, people applaud it openly. “Sérgio Bianchi has made one of the best films of the decade” says Carlos Augusto Calil, professor at the Film Department of the University of São Paulo. “It is a frontal and efficacious attack against an imaginary Brazil created by Darcy Ribeiro or even by Gilberto Freyre.” Mario Sergio Conti, Folha de S.Paulo

Awards and Festivals: Official selection of the 37th New York Film Festival, young jury award 53rd Locarno Festival, 3rd HBO Cinema Award, Best Movie Award at the São Paulo art critic’s association, among others.

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