First fully interactive TV series in Brazil. Viewers made and chose the best videos pre-selected by the curators. The show featured 32 episodes of 5 minutes lenght. The program is a fully interactive documentary series with  participation of the public in the realization of films, the choice of programming and the best episodes of the season. Co-production, direction and writing of TV and web  “Minuto do Esporte” in partnership with the Record News, Rede Record and R7.


Sem Título-1_0001_Camada 5 Sem Título-1_0000_Camada 6 Sem Título-1_0005_Camada 1 Sem Título-1_0004_Camada 2 Sem Título-1_0003_Camada 3 Sem Título-1_0002_Camada 4