Tito and the Birds

Tito is a shy 10-year-old boy who lives with his mother. Suddenly, an unusual epidemic starts to spread, making people sick whenever they get scared. Tito quickly discovers that the cure is somehow related to his missing father’s research on… Continue Reading →

End of the Line (2008), by Gustavo Steinberg

Production, Co-screenwriting and Direction by Gustavo Steinberg 35mm, Fiction, 76 Minutes “An absurdist comment on political corruption, class conflict andhumanity’s animal-like avarice” Jay Weissber, Variety Festivals: Official Selection 37th Rotterdam Film Festival, Jerusalem Festival, Warsow Festival, Calcuta Festival, Febio Film Festival (Czech… Continue Reading →

1.99 (2003), by Marcelo Masagão

Writing and Executive Production by Gustavo Steinberg 35mm, Fiction, 70 Minutes “1.99 is a kind of ‘The Exterminating Angel’ of the globalization and neo-liberalism. … In a time where we consume the war from our couches, with pizza and Coca Cola on our laps,… Continue Reading →

What is it Worth? (2005), by Sergio Bianchi

Co-executive production by Gustavo Steinberg 35mm, fiction, 110 minutess “Bianchi mercilessly exposes the consumerism that is despoiling his country, weaving a fictional tale of false charity, media manipulation and gang violence.” Arial Dorfman, The Guardian Official selection New York Film Festival, Vancouver Film… Continue Reading →

The Prisoner of the Iron Bars (2003), by Paulo Sacramento

Executive Production and Direction,by Gustavo Steinberg 35mm, Documentary, 123 Minutes   “Sao Paulo’s infamous House of Detention, the subject of “Prisoner of the Iron Bars (Self-Portraits)” is the same as the one that figures in Hector Babenco’s “Carandiru.”. Possibly even more hard-hitting… Continue Reading →

A Little More A Little Less (2001)

35mm, documentary/fiction, 20 minutes “Two short films in special deserve double attention [in the Brasilia Festival], A Little More, a Little Less, by Marcelo Masagão and Gustavo Steinberg, and Palace II, by Fernando Meirelles. Opposite in almost every respect, both films nevertheless found… Continue Reading →

Chronically Unfeasible, by Sergio Bianchi

Writing and executive production by  Gustavo Steinberg 35mm, fiction, 101 minutes “Judging by its audience, the arguments it is raising and its attractive reviews, “Chronically Unfeasible” has already proven its cultural relevance. In some of the movie sessions, people applaud it openly. “Sérgio Bianchi has… Continue Reading →

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