Executive Production and Direction,by Gustavo Steinberg

35mm, Documentary, 123 Minutes


“Sao Paulo’s infamous House of Detention, the subject of “Prisoner of the Iron Bars (Self-Portraits)” is the same as the one that figures in Hector Babenco’s “Carandiru.”. Possibly even more hard-hitting than the fiction film, this is truly a vision of hell whose morbid fascination turns to indignation as the film proceeds.” Deborah Young, Variety

Festivals and Awards: Best Film (new director) Tribeca Festival, Best Film Malaga Festival, Digital Award at the 60th Venice Festival, Best Film It’s All True Festival (São Paulo), 2nd prize Filmmaker festival (Milan), Official selection Amsterdam Festival, Montreal Festival, Amnesty International Festival, International Film Festival of Human Rights (Geneva), among others.

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